Importing the Axonius Postman Collection and Setting Environment Variables

 Topics Covered:

1. Creating a workspace and Importing the collection
2. Setting Collection Variables
3. Testing API Calls.

Summary: Axonius provides a postman collection that can be imported and utilized to interact with the Axonius Rest API. Postman provides an easy way to test any API calls and allows you to set variables that can be utilized throughout a collection. The First step is creating a workspace in Postman. Once we have a workspace we can import the Axonius collection and get started with setting some Variables. Variables in Postman work in a hierarchical order. First, any local variables set will always take the highest precedence. Any variables set from a data file will be next(more info on data files here). Environment variables will be the third most preferred, then the collection variables and finally any global variables.

The postman Collection is a json file and can be found here.

After downloading the collection follow the steps below to create a workspace and set your variables

1. Create a work space


2. Add required info


3. Import Collection


4. Add json file


5. Set variables


6. Test API Call




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