How to restrict Query wizard option to users

How to disable/restrict query wizard option to a new user in order to prevent running queries to get information.



  • Hi Sai,

    Would you want to only allow people to see the entire devices list but not the query wizard?

    It may be worth creating a support ticket to create a feature request and define more of the use case here.

  • Hello SAI, and thanks for your question.

    This seems like a great opportunity to leverage our Data Scope Management feature (available beginning with Axonius version 4.5).

    Data Scopes can be used to control the sets of data different groups of Users have access to.

    Data Scope Management is ideal if there are different teams within your organization that should only have access to view a specific, or limited, set of assets.

    While Axonius helps you collect information for your entire organization, we understand you might want individual teams to only see information about their own assets (devices or users), thereby creating a closed environment for each group.

    To learn more about how to implement and configure Data Scopes, click here:

    If you have any follow up questions, please feel free to reach out to the Axonius Technical Account Management team, or message the Axonius Support directly at:


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