Getting Endpoint age

I'm trying to get a report to decide which endpoints we need to replace with a hardware refresh project i'm working on.

I'm trying to  go by cpu generation to identify old devices, but not all the devices are giving me the cpu info.

Is there a way to go about this?



  • Hi Ananda,

    If you add the CPU field column and expand the row for the device by clicking on the black dropdown arrow, you will see what Adapter is supplying the CPU info.  If you only have one Adapter with CPU data, it is a single point of failure.  You will always have some gaps in any field.  You may want to try a fields such as Aggregated field "Device Model" and "First Seen".

    If you are not sure what Device Models you have to query, create a dashboard chart.  First, create a simple query:

    Optionally, you can check the "include entities with no value" check box if you want to understand gaps for this field:

    The result is every device model coming in from all data sources:

    Let me know if you need more assistance!

    Thank you,


  • Thank you for the quick reply Derek.

    Yes, only one adapter is actually giving us the cpu info(Mosyle for Mas)

    We do have automox which has cpu data but its not populating in axonius. Is there a way to pull that data using automox adapter ?

  • Hi Ananda,

    Ok, I do see the Automox Adapter has CPU field in View Advanced.

    Please send an email to and request to expose the Automox CPU field from View Advanced.

    Thank you!



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