Layman’s walkthrough of Creating Azure DevOps Task

This article is designed to show you the process of walking through setting up the fields to build out the Azure DevOps Enforcement Center Command. 

The technical doc for this task in our docs can be found here:

For those who do not know how the Azure DevOps world works, it isn’t so scary. I am going to walk you through how to set up an organization, project, and personal access token (PAT). Most of you will have these already set up but if you know the process, you know where the data should be and you will be set.

  1. You will want to know where your DevOps board is set up. Depending on the tool, you may have it at You can set up a free demo to walk through this if you want by going to and logging into Microsoft.
  2. Once you login, you can get to the main page. If there are no organizations, (which is super unlikely since you are wanting to set up an Azure DevOps Task, you will have a page that is blank. On the left-hand side, you will see a column that says “New Organization”

If the organization is there, you will be able to see it above this button. Click on the organization label and you will be ready to go to the next step.

If there is no organization and you need to create one. Click on the New Organization button and this screen will show up:

From there, you will be prompted with this page:

For the majority of you, you will not need to do this. If you are setting everything up, choose your organization name and location where you will be hosting your projects. Put in the security characters and click continue:

Once this churns a bit, you will see in the top corner, your new organization.

With this being a new organization, you will not have any projects available and as result, you will want to set one up. The page will look like this:

  1. Now that we are at the project portion, go ahead and create your project name. I am using a pretty epic one whereas our project is the SuperDuperSockBrigade. I will make this private and click on the “+ Create Report” button. Once this is done, I will be taken to this page:

  1. Now we want to get the Token info. Token info is based on a per user basis. If you are setting up an Axonius account login, you will want to set up an Axonius user to create a token for them.

To get this token, you will want to go here on the page:Click on the list icon that says “personal access tokens”

In some cases where there are already personal access tokens (PAT’s), you will have to recreate a token as they are not viewable again. Often the token name is named on the page. Just know you will not be able to get the old token from this listing. If you are needing to refresh the PAT, click here:If you are needing to create a new token, click on the “+ New Token” field and then from there you will see this:Make sure your scope is correct. From a security perspective, full access is not advisable but in the right situation it may be what is required. Once you continue, you will get this page.And then:So, let’s look at the Axonius required fields:

    1. Azure DevOps Org – Step 1
    2. Project – Step 2
    3. Token name – Name of PAT in Step 3
    4. Personal Access Token – that is the one-time token given after setting up or regenerating the token.
    5. Verify SSL is default set to false
    6. Work Item Type – set to task
    7. Work Item Title – this is dependent on your requirements (*you decide)

  1. You are set to go! Go ahead and push this and get it rolling. You can do some good things. If you have any questions about this. Reach out to your TAM for assistance.



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