Dell WYSE Management Suite (WMS) or MongoDB

Does anyone have any experience adding in Dell Wyse Management as an adapter?  It has an API but no there is no reference material for it.

Alternatively it runs on MongoDB, which is JSON like files that should theoretically import without an issue.



  • Hi Mickael,

    Is this a net new adapter? I don't see an existing adapter for WYSE.

  • There is no adapter in Axonius for it. 

    When looking through the documentation on requesting a new adapter, it mentions needing API reference documentation. Which this product just does not have.

    Although it has an API section in the admin console


    And while digging around the Webroot I was able to find the API java classes.

    So more reaching out to see if anyone else has experience with this product. To see what they have done to collect information.




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