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Considering SCCM takes too much time to fetch all data every cycle (+10 hours) I am wondering if you have scheduled the discovery on a daily basis or synced with the "software inventory" task in SCCM itself (I think the standard is every 14 days) and if you have seen any impact.

Or how do you handle those long discovery cycles?



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  • In general, for long running adapters we are recommending that you use the custom discovery schedule option under the adapter's Advanced Settings -> Discovery Configuration section.

    When using this option, the adapter will fetch on it's own cycle instead of being part of the global cycle. This means that long running adapter fetches will not interfere with the global cycle.

    As a rough rule of thumb, any adapter that gets close to the length of the global cycle is worth setting a custom cycle for.

    As an example, if your global cycle is set to 12 hours (which is the default), and SCCM is taking 11 hours, I'd encourage setting SCCM to a daily custom schedule to avoid overlapping with the global cycle.


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