What info/data you bring (if any) from Splunk?

We have configured Axonius to connect to Splunk, trying to get more information based on the logs in terms of systems connected/detected to the network.

I am interested on what info/macros other customers are using to enhance the data visibility/inventory using Splunk as a source.

Right now we are just using the DNS/DHCP logs to bring device details of any IP given every 24 hours.




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  • I know this is an older one, but I wanted to chime in and give at least a general reply.

    One of the bigger use cases for Splunk is to be able to pull in data to Axonius when an adapter cannot be created. For example if there is a home grown system that can send data to syslog, but doesn't have an API or accessible DB, creating a macro to pull that data can be very valuable. Another case would be to use Splunk to combine together device data with software info and present it to Axonius in a way that is readable.

    I'll try and dig up some additional use cases with other customers as well.


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