Importing / Exporting Saved Queries and Dashboards

Edit as of July 27th, 2022: Please see the important comment below for more up to date information.


As we continue to build and create the Axonius Customer Community, one of the most requested pieces of the community is to be able to share dashboard charts and queries that people have built.

Our team is working on an API function that would allow for exporting Dashboard Charts and the associated Saved Queries. Once this API functionality is built, we can then look into adding this into the Axonius UI.

In the interim, it is possible to export and import saved queries using the Axonius API Client. This KB outlines the basic steps for exporting and importing a single query using the API: 

In this area of the community, please feel free to post your saved queries and charts, along with any requests you may have for assistance on finding specific data.



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