How to ask a question

Well-written questions are more likely to receive a response, and faster. Here are some tips on how to write a good question: 

  1. Show us a pic! Screenshots are particularly helpful if you're asking about code or any detailed setup like queries, API usage, etc. Just don't screencap any customer or sensitive info your boss wouldn't want you to share online. 

  2. Provide all of the information. Context is really helpful. 

  3. Let us know what you've already tried. How have you tried to solve it? Where in the process did you run into problems? 

Things to keep in mind: 

  1. This forum is visible to the public. Anything you post is visible to anyone on the internet. DO NOT post sensitive or private information or screencaps that have this sort of information in it. 

  2. Don't post your (or anyone else's) email address or other contact info. See point #1. Also you don't want spambots to crawl your email address. If you post one the Community Team will edit your post to remove it. 

  3. Is your question only one sentence? You might want to provide a little more detail.   

  4. Do your best to post in the correct topic. If you get it in the wrong place, the Community Team will eventually move it to the right spot for you, but you're more likely to get an answer quickly if you post in the right spot to begin with. 



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