Dashboard showing number of devices fetched by each Adapter

Hi, How can we build a trending chart  showing number of devices fetched by each Adapter on a daily basis ?  We run discovery cycle daily, so we would like to observe the trend of which adapter brings in how many devices each cycle. 



  • Would you want a trending version of essentially this chart?

    At this time, I don't believe that functionality exists. You could likely make a few different charts by creating a query that searches for <Adapter_Name> ID exists AND <Adapter_Name> fetch time last days 1. You'd then need to make a chart for each adapter.

    I think a good route would be to submit a feature request. Our team can request that our PM team investigate if this is something we can add.

  • Thanks Geran.  Yeah trending format would be ideal to have this kind of info .  But the difference would be we want to watch how many devices did an Adapter A bring in on Monday v/s Tuesday  etc. That kind of a comparison. 
     I will create a separate chart for each adapter and see how it goes.


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