Offline Axonius Python API Client Installation for RedHat 7 Systems

Intended Audience: This applies to customers that would like to install the Axonius Python API client on a RedHat 7 or Oracle Linux 7 server without an Internet connection.

Requirements: An Internet-connected RedHat 7 or Oracle Linux 7 server with Internet access to act as a build server. The build server must have the same version of Python3 as the destination server. Verify the Python version by issuing the python3 --version command on both servers. The output must match exactly.

Note: Running the client creator script will install some required dependencies on the build server. The server will download the Rust compiler, Rust is necessary to build OpenSSL 1.1.1. The script will also download some standard Linux packages using the server's Yum command. The list of packages is as follows:

  • python3
  • python3-devel
  • libffi-devel
  • wget
  • curl


  1. Download the and upload it to an Internet-connected build server.
  2. Execute the script as root.
  3. Copy the resulting offline_axonius_api_client_installer.tar.gz tarball to the destination server.
  4. Untar the offline_axonius_api_client_installer.tar.gz file.
  5. cd into the offline_axonius_api_client_installer directory.
  6. Execute the script as root.
  7. As a regular user, test the installation by creating an environment file by executing the "axonshell tools write-config" command and then run the "axonshell system meta about" command. You should see a system summary by executing that command.



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