What information is needed to get a new Axonius license generated?


  • I've just renewed my Axonius license and need to have a new license created, what information is needed?
  • If I am an offline customer and cannot connect to remote support, what information is needed to generate a new license?


  • Axonius - Any Version
  • Unable to connect to Axonius Remote Support


If you are able to enable remote support or already have the option enabled, you can enable that option and let Axonius support know. They will be able to update the license file remotely. This can be enabled by going to Settings -> Global Settings -> Advanced Settings and enabling remote support.

For customers that are not able to enable remote support, these steps can be followed.

  1. Login to the Axonius Support Portal
  2. Navigate to "My activities" to view your current tickets
  3. Select the ticket starting with "Axonius License Update"
    • If one does not exist, you can create a new ticket and provide the information below
  4. Login to your Axonius system
  5. Navigate to Settings -> About
  6. Capture the "Customer ID" and "Installed Version" values
  7. Provide this information in the Axonius Support ticket
  8. The Axonius Customer Success team will validate the license request and reply with the required next steps


Axonius Remote Support Settings

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