How do I setup the latest release of Axonius via a new OVA or AMI?


  • If I need to deploy a new Collector Node, can I download the latest Axonius OVA for deploying?
  • If I want to deploy a development/test environment, where can I download the latest OVA release of Axonius?
  • If Axonius has sent an AMI to my AWS account, how do I login and decrypt that AMI?
  • If Axonius has sent an image to my Azure account, how do I login and decrypt that AMI?


Additional Information

To receive the appropriate download information along with the decryption key, please open a new ticket via OR by sending an email to


  1. Open a new ticket with the Axonius Technical Support team to request an updated license file, the OVA download instructions, and/or to have the AMI deployed to your AWS account.
  2. Once the image is deployed, if needed, perform the following steps to configure the network:
    1. Log in to the system using the console as username netconfig and password netconfig.
      1. NOTE: the netconfig user is NOT accessible via ssh.
    2. Follow the wizard for assigning an IP to the machine using a static IP address or DHCP.
  3. Browse to the machine in your favorite web browser. For example, https://<axonius-machine-hostname-or-ip>
  4. On this page, you will be prompted to upload the License File provided to you by Axonius Support.
  5. Once you select the License File or drag and drop it into the box, click the 'Apply' button. Your Axonius will begin the decryption and installation process. (This may take several minutes)
  6. Once the decryption and installation process is completed, you may access and use your Axonius.


  7. Once the decryption process is complete, the browser will open to the Axonius login screen and you will be able to perform the initial registration.

Important Note

  • If your Axonius fails during the decryption and installation process you may receive an error in the UI stating "Server is an invalid state".


  • If you receive this error, please open a ticket with the Technical Support team


Axonius System Deployment Documentation

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