What information is needed when making a non-adapter feature request?


  • What information does Axonius need when I am requesting a new feature?
  • Is there anything I can provide to streamline the feature request process?


  • Axonius All Versions
  • Any feature that is not specifically tied to an adapter


The information below is beneficial to our team when reviewing new feature requests. It helps to prioritize and scope new requests. Not all information is required.

  • Is this request being raised for yourself, someone on your team, from your entire team, etc?
  • Describe the feature you would like added
    • What pain points exist by not having the feature?
  • Describe the use case for the new feature
  • Include any additional information
    • Screenshots with markup
    • How often would this feature be used?


How can I request a new adapter in Axonius?

How can I request additional functionality in an existing adapter?

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